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Ask The Expert: Jonathan Priestley



Q.What makes for a good infographic?

A: First and foremost, the premise of infographics is a visualisation of data. Therefore, the visuals have to be sharp, professional and without the slightest hint of clipart. People won’t want to view something that doesn’t display artistic ability or creativity, so both of these are essential.

Secondly, given most infographics are telling a data-story, there needs to be a sequential element to them, something almost chronological that takes the readers on a journey through the data that helps them to arrive at an end point. It sounds a bit pretentious, but we all love stories and infographics should be no exception.

Lastly and perhaps obviously, good infographics need to be heavy on the visuals, light on the text. Too much text shows that the creator of the infographic hasn’t thought carefully enough about how to present their data                  and instead, has resorted back to using words. Some text is essential, but ‘less is more’.

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