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“Ask The Expert” – MahiFX

Hello fellow infographic lovers, its ‘Ask The Expert’ time again. This week we have been talking to MahiFX, an Online Forex Trading platform that gives you access to the same spreads and cutting edge technology as institutional forex traders. Oh and did we mention, they have made a great infographic, check it out below….

"Ask The Expert" - MahiFX


Q. Why did MahiFX decide to come up with a hedge fund targeted Infographic, it’s a pretty unique concept?  

A. We wanted to connect the pre-launch Infographic firmly with Forex, or currency trading, as that is our core business. Forex trading often forms a significant part of a hedge fund portfolio. While Forex trading was once largely confined to institutional traders, like the banks or hedge funds, the ‘retail’ or consumer FX trading sector is a fast growing one. We wanted to raise awareness of this, make FX trading as a concept more accessible and relevant to our retail customers and, more importantly, deliver an engaging and entertaining Infographic to a tech-savvy audience.


Q. Has John Paulson, the guy who is the focus of the Infographic heard about it?

A. Not that we are aware of, but there has been a fair amount of media coverage and online mentions, so perhaps he has.


Q. What is the goal behind it?

A. We wanted to do something that no other Forex company has done before. We wanted to entertain and engage our audiences using new and emerging web technologies to create something interactive and memorable. We believed that the Infographic would be a good vehicle to illustrate some of what are about as a company, elements that include a  focus on technology, innovation and an enhanced user experience.

We also sought to create a pre-launch buzz around the brand, pique people’s interest and get them talking about MahiFX. Having a boring static holding page does nothing to excite and few people tend to see them. We wanted to engage social communities, get people tweeting, likes, Google+s and various other social mentions so that when we launched we would hit the ground running in terms of brand awareness and interest in our offering.

Also we wanted a mechanism to capture email addresses of people who were interested in finding out more about MahiFX and our new forex trading platform, so that we could communicate with them in a timely manner about the forthcoming launch.


Q. Who are the brands behind it?

A. MahiFX;, (Online Marketing/SEO, and Consulting on the Infographic); (Concept & Design); (Build)

Q. Who designed it and did the tech side?

A. (Build) It was built in HTML5 using a parallax scrolling technique.

Q. Why do you think there has been such a rise in the popularity of Infographics?

A. We think people are starting to realise that if done well, Infographics can add a lot of value to a brand/website via social mentions and links that they obtain through the Infographic. Additionally, if done well, it’s a great way of
marketing a product or displaying relatively complex data in an interesting way.

Infographics have quickly become a saturated tactic, but if executed well, they do work.

Q. What one tip would you give to those thinking about doing an Infographic for the first time?

A. We can offer up three;

1) Avoid creating an infographic for the sake of doing one.

2) Always get a second opinion from someone who knows about what works and what doesn’t work with infographics.

3) Be different, be innovative.

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