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Sex No Longer Sells – What Works and Fails When It Comes to Infographics

After our 200th post the other day we thought it was the perfect time to do a little research into what makes a good infographic. The results are out and they show that mentioning Apple, Facebook or Twitter in an infographic is the key to success, as is a bright colour scheme, whilst avoiding sexual topics is a must.

We also found that, the best performing social platforms in terms of sharing our infographics and driving traffic to the site were, in this order, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and then Google Plus.

We only set up in January 2012 as an experiment site as part of 10 Yetis Public Relations and its sister company Our aim what to look at the growing trend of digital agencies and brands using infographics to raise awareness of their products or services and drive traffic and links to websites.

As a team we used the 200 milestone to take a closer look at what style of infographics work the best and this is where it was discovered that sex related infographics are not our best performing in terms of link building, traffic driving or share-ability.

Since our launch in January, we have had more than 245,500 unique users. The top 5 most popular include infographics on technology, drugs and geeks, but the most popular theme was infographics that surrounded coffee.

Despite the fact that we initial believed that sex themed infographics would perform best, they didn’t feature in the top 5, not even the top ten most visited pages. Our most viewed infographic on the site to date focuses on the health benefits of Coffee vs. Tea, made by the people over at Policy Expert.

To help out all of you budding infographic designers we have come up with what we believe are the keys elements of a good infographic:

  • Subject – Some of the sites best-read infographics focus on a strong subject topic, with the ones doing best focusing on brands. Infographics on Apple, Facebook and Twitter always do well.
  • Design – All of the top 5 infographics have a quality design, clear use of colour and great copy. They communicate big or confusing data in a simple and clear-to-understand way
  • Length – All of the most infographics are around the same length. Too short and they look flimsy; too long and they lose readers’ interest.

So here we go the Most Popular, top 5, infographics to feature on are:

1. Coffee Vs. Tea 


2. Just How BIG Is Apple? 


3. 15 Things to Know About Marijuana 


4. The Medical Benefits Of Being Addicted To Coffee


5. Geek Vs Nerd

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