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The Cost Of Traffic Congestion – Infographic

Being a commuter, traffic is a major bugbear of mine. Sometimes I sail to work in the ‘official’ sat nav time of forty-five minutes. Sometimes it take an hour and fifteen minutes. There’s no regularity to the journey, but I do know that Mondays and Fridays are by far the worst days. I’ve often wondered what the extra costs in fuel are. This infographic from Nationwide Insurance looks at the cost to the average US commuter.

Being from a relatively rural area, one of my biggest gripes is with rush hour tractors. In my opinion there should be a ban on tractors on the road between 8 and 9. I wonder how many working hours are lost to the queues caused by slow moving vehicles? I know farmers work long hours, but being on the road at that time means unexpected delays for large numbers of people. I’m probably being a bit selfish but there we go! Check out the infographic and see how the costs add up.


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