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Tattoo – Infographic

Who cares what this infographic says? I just love the design and the really innovative way of displaying it. I believe this was initially produced for an art project and the artistic talent shines through.

I was immediately caught by the style, but then the next thing I noticed was that 45 million Americans have tattoos. A high figure, but how does that correspond with the 24% that have zero tattoos on the model’s right shoulder? 45 million doesn’t equal 76% of a population of over 300 million. Maybe I’ve misread it, or maybe the info is wrong…either way it spoiled it a bit for me. I’m probably being picky as I did start with ‘who cares what this infographic says’ (I clearly do) but I still love it regardless. Great work! From Paul Marcinkowski at Kaplon.

Tattoo infographic

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