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U.S vs China: Superpower Showdown – Infographic

I read an interesting article the other day about what kind of superpower China would become. Many would suppose that China already is a superpower. It’s not. But it will be. The article surmised that based on Chinese history, it would be a very different superpower from the current US one.

The US is a product of aggressive European expansion. China has never really bought into that concept. The ‘Middle Kingdom’, as China used to be known, was always the centre of their universe and they weren’t interested in leaving enlightened civilisation to move into dark barbarian lands. Based on this, the belief expressed in the article was that China would be more focused on internal issues and controlling a population of over a billion people rather than interfering in the outside world, US style. An interesting take on things.

This infographic specifically looks at how they measure up now. The US comes out on top as it stands, but I’m betting that will change over the next few years. From Master Of Finance Degrees.

US vs China superpower showdown

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