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James Bond over the years – Infographic

Check out this infographic taking a look at some of the percentages that have made up Bond over the years. The percentages that matter that is: kills, conquests and martinis. Pierce Brosnan is like some sort of psychopathic maniac. George Lazenby, despite the one off film, is quite the ladies man. And Roger Moore is practically tea-total.Daniel Craig on the other hand is probably in the Priory clinic for alcohol addiction. Although if rumours around Skyfall are true, they’ll soon need to add a percentage for Heineken.

What are the chances of the latest Bond being some beer swilling Rab C Nesbitt-esque character? I one for one would love to see Daniel Craig in a stained string vest making a ham-fisted attempt to replicate Sean Connery’s Scottish accent. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I shall write to the producers. Found on The Economist.


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