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How Did Gangnam Style Go Viral? – Infographic

Gangnam Style. We’ve all heard of it. Well I assume you have if you’re reading this on the internet rather than from an old leather bound book in some dusty library. Gangnam Style got HUGE.

Initially I thought it was a particularly nasty form of gangrene prevalent in Vietnam. But I soon realised this was incorrect. It’s actually a South Korean pop song from the artist PSY. Apparently the title and song itself is a take on the lifestyle of the residents of Gangnam, a wealthy district in the South Korean capital, Seoul. So not gangrene then. PSY was already big in Korea apparently, but now he’s big the world over. The question is though; just how did a little known East Asian pop artist become a global sensation? It appears that it wasn’t by chance as this infographic explains…From 10 Yetis.


[iframe src="" width="665px" height="1780px" style="margin-left:-60px;"]

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