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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Hacks And Scams – Infographic

I had no idea what black Friday was until I looked it up. I knew that Black Monday was the crash of global stock exchanges. And I also knew that every Monday was black for me in a negative, weekend’s over kind of way.

It turns out that Black Friday is related to shopping in the US as they make a real push to start off the Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving. Shops slash prices to entice punters. This doesn’t sound worthy of the term black to me, but apparently this was coined in Philadelphia for the amount of extra traffic generated by shoppers. Grinches!

Although a slightly more positive origin is apparently the fact that retailers go into the black afterwards. You decide which one you believe and follow some of the advice in the infographic about how to stay safe when buying online. From Coupon Audit.

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

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