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How To Build A Lightsaber – Infographic

I don’t believe that this infographic is assisting in the creation of a genuine lethal weapon. But I do believe it would assist in some top quality fancy dress. This actually reminds me of an incident in my youth on the school bus. One lad brought in a decent looking lightsaber handle. He’d obviously spent a lot of time making it, which was undoubtedly ‘sad’. But before we could taunt him he, straight-faced, insisted that we shouldn’t press the big red button on it, because in his words the blade would ‘go through the roof.’ One foolhardy maniac had the cojones to press it. The ‘blade’ sliced off the hand of the person next time to him, resulting in a geyser of blood that soaked us all…of course it didn’t*. Nothing happened and it’s owner was duly mocked. For several years. The moral of this anecdote: if you do make one of these, don’t try and blag it’s real. You’ll either get bullied or arrested. From Herbert Pocket.

*in reality the heat of the blade would have cauterised the wound instantly.

How to build a lightsaber

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