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Ten Common Tax Snafus – Infographic

Avoid These Mistakes When Filing Income Tax Returns

There are some common tax mistakes that most people make on their returns. You can avoid them so that your return is processed quickly and smoothly. Always look at the calendar. The IRS date for filing your tax return is April 15. This date has always been the same unless it is on a weekend, and then it will be the following Monday. Circle the date so that you don’t file late. Simple math errors should not be made. Check and double check all of your work because the government won’t do it for you. If you have income over a certain amount, you can’t avoid filing your taxes. If you do, then this is a cause for concern because it is called tax evasion.

Claiming children can help you get a bigger refund, but you need to make sure you have all social security numbers. If you don’t have the numbers, then you can claim them. Always keep a copy of previous tax returns. Many people say seven years, but three should get you by in the event of an audit. Don’t throw away any kind of receipt if you own a business or you are itemizing on your return. You might spend a lot of money on your pet, but you can’t claim the pet as a dependent. Although you pay your attorney or the company who prepares your taxes a large fee, you should go over all of the work that was done. They can make mistakes too. If you give over a certain amount to a worker in your business, then you must claim this worker on your return.

From Olson IRS Tax Attorney.

Ten common income tax snafus

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