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Does Money Make You More Attractive? – Infographic

We’ve all heard of the term sugar daddy. And many of us in the UK have been amazed at how footballer Peter Crouch ended up marrying Abbey Clancy, a lingerie model. My thoughts on this are probably best summed up by incorporating Peter’s legendary response to the question “What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?” His reply? “A virgin”. There we go.

Peter Crouch isn’t exactly a looker, but Abbey Clancy definitely is. Crouchy is also minted. I’m sure I can see where the attraction lies…I’m not saying money makes you gorgeous but it definitely adds to your appeal. You can do more fun and exciting things when money is no object. And if you’re a real rotter, then it also helps to pay for the gym and various beauty treatments to help improve your less than perfect looks. People might say it doesn’t make you more attractive, but the cynic in me flatly refuses to believe it! From Think Money.


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